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Cancer: "The Crab"

June 21st - July 22nd

Type - Water

Positive attributes - Loyal, Dependable, Caring, Adaptable, Responsive

Negative attributes - Moody, Clingy, Self-Pitying, Self-Absorbed, Oversensitive, Sulky

Cancer is well represented by its symbolic animal, the crab. Full of contradictions, some people may find them very shy and reclusive, "in their shell," but once they come out, you find them to be adventurous, with a strong and daring personality. They are very defensive, both of themselves and especially of those close to them. They are great protectors, but sometimes take things too far, or get offended by things that others have done, even unintentionally. They are not very trusting, and it takes awhile to truly get to know them, as they are suspicious of outsiders. They are also moody, and sometimes quite cranky and negative. There is almost always more than meets the eye with the Cancer, and they are quite unpredictable. They are very sensitive and can be deeply hurt by even small things, which is why they put up such a great barrier around themselves and make it so that it is difficult to get to know them. Despite their often stony, cold exterior, they are in fact often quite fragile, and have a need to be needed. They prefer to keep a few close friends, and are wary of strangers and meeting new people. They are very intuitive, good at reading people, and have a great memory. 

Cancer People

June 21 - Benjamin Walker

June 21 - Caroline Brasch Nielsen

June 21 - Ian McEwan

June 22 - George Vancouver

June 23 - Oda Nobunaga

June 24 - Solange Knowles

June 25 - George Orwell

June 25 - Layla Young

June 26 - Henrietta of England

June 26 - Pearl S. Buck

June 27 - Helen Keller

June 27 - Julia Nobis

June 28 - Henry VIII

June 28 - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

June 29 - Camille Clifford

June 29 - Massimo Brambati

July 1 - Adelina Sotnikova

July 1 - Diana, Princess of Wales

July 1 - Mireya Moscoso

July 2 - Hermann Hesse

July 2 - Samuel Finley

July 3 - Jez Smith

July 3 - Maria Ruiz de Burton

July 3 - Olivia Munn

July 3 - Rosalie Filion

July 4 - Alina Puscau

July 5 - Babe Paley

July 6 - George W. Bush

July 8 - Milo Ventimiglia

July 10 - Adrien Grenier

July 10 - John Calvin

July 10 - Nikola Tesla

July 11 - John Quincy Adams

July 11 - Robert the Bruce

July 13 - Colton Haynes

July 13 - Tulisa Contostavlos

July 14 - Gertrude Bell

July 16 - Annalynne McCord

July 17 - Summer Bishil

July 18 - Hunter S. Thompson

July 18 - Nelson Mandela

July 19 - Edgar Degas

July 20 - Alexander the Great

July 22 - Selena Gomez