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Cambrai is a town in the department of Nord in northern France, located on the Scheldt River.

First mentioned in history around the 4th Century AD, also around this time Cambrai became the capital of the Nervii Kingdom, replacing the former capital city of Bavay. It was known to the Romans as "Camaracum." It was a city state of the Holy Roman Empire before the annexation of France in 1678.

Today, Cambrai is known for its cathedral, architecture, monuments, rich history, parks, and downtown area.

People Born in Cambrai

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Cambrai in People's Lives

Hilaire Belloc: I traveled here in 1918, in a voyage of sorrow, after the death of my eldest son Louis. He had been a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps, and had died here, shot down while bombing a German transport column. In his honor, I placed a memorial tablet for him here, at Cambrai Cathedral.

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