Lovely Camaguey rooftops
Camaguey is a city in central Cuba, the third largest in the country. It was founded in 1515.

The city is known for its winding alleys, some of which twist and turn haphazardly without any obvious purpose, only to end in a dead end. Though not a very large city, Camaguey is known as a city in which it is very easy to get lost, often compared to a maze. The reason for this unplanned, winding street set-up was partially to act as a labyrinth trapping pirates seeking to sack and invade the town (which was more than common, before the late 1700's), and partially because inhabitants all wanted to live as close as possible to their own local church, of which there are 15.

Camaguey's symbol is the clay pot, and while its pottery skills are not altogether notable enough to set their works aside from any particular other regions, the city is known for their pottery production. Locals tell a myth that if you drink water from a girl's personal tinajón, you will fall in love and remain together forever.

People Born in Camaguey

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Camaguey in People's Lives

Henry Morgan: I was commisioned to sack this city, and did so in 1667. While there, I also located a group of Spanish prisoners being held here, in order to interrogate them about a potential attack on Jamaica.

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