Calcutta, increasingly known as Kolkata, is the third-largest city in India, and the capital of the state of West Bengal in eastern India. It is the third-wealthiest city in South Asia. 

The city was established in 1690 as a foreign trading outlet town by the East India Company. From 1793 - 1911, it was the capital of India.

Today, Calcutta is known for its busy and crowded lifestyle, widespread poverty, slums, transportation services that include rickshaws and antique trams, history, intellectuality, universities, architecture, and sports teams.

People Born in Calcutta

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Calcutta in People's Lives

Isabel Lucas: I traveled here in 2008 to film the movie The Waiting City. The opportunity to film in India was one of my main incentives to take the role.

Rudyard Kipling: My first book, a collection of prose and short stories called Plain Tales from the Hills, was published here in January of 1888. I had just turned 22, had moved up in the world of newspaper editing, and felt more inspired than ever to continue writing. 

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