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Cadiz is a city and port in southwestern Spain. It is the oldest continually inhabited city in Spain and one of the most ancient cities in Europe. It was founded as Gadir by the Phoenicians.

Today, Cadiz is known for its beauty, elegance, architecture, and history.

People Born in Cadiz

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Cadiz in People's Lives

Charles Hector d'Estaing: After my adventurous military days had ended, I was sent here as the head of an ambassador fleet, in 1784. While we were sailing there, a peace treaty was reached, so I never negotiated or got a chance to test my diplomatic skills.

Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra: I traveled here from my birthplace of Lima, Peru in 1762, at the age of 18. I was sent to a Spanish naval academy, attending for four years from 1763 - 1767. Upon my graduation, I was made a frigate ensign officer. I worked hard to become a respected memeber of the Spanish Navy, but was often passed over or left unrecognized due to the fact that I had not been born in Spain. I was promoted to ship ensign in 1773, and ship lieutenant in 1774. In 1775, I finally got a chance to go on a meaningful expedition - serving under a captain to explore the Pacific Northwest. Despite the fact that I outranked many other men on the voyage, I was given a lower position. Though frustrated by the class prejudices I seemed to constantly be battling, I eagerly accepted a chance to prove myself on an adventurous voyage of discovery, and left this city at the age of 31.

Viggo Mortensen: I filmed Alatriste here in 2006.

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