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Brindisi is a large town in the region of Apulia in southwestern Italy, on the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. 

It was first an Ancient Greek colony, founded sometime 350 BC, and was conquered by the Romans in 267 BC. There is also evidence that a Bronze Age village, dating back to the 16th Century BC, existed here as well.

Today, Brindisi is known for its history, architecture, ancient ruins, port, deep natural harbor, maritime economy and activities, agriculture, electricity generation, and arts.

People Born in Brindisi

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Brindisi in People's Lives

Julius Caesar: I set up a military camp here in 49 BC during my Roman Civil War. I then left the legions in the charge of Marc Antony, my second-in-command, and sailed to Ionnina in Greece.

Marc Antony: After Julius Caesar started a civil war in Rome, I was made one of the highest-ranking officers in his army. While Caesar sailed to Greece to hunt down his enemies, he stationed me here in late 49 BC, commanding five legions of men instructed to join him in Greece later. However, our forces were blockaded. In a clever tactical move, I created decoy ships, luring the enemy armies to follow them, and then trapping and attacking them. I successfully left the city and sailed with my legions to Greece.

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