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Bournemouth is a city on the Jurassic Coast of southern England. It is the largest city in Dorset, and located on the River Bourne.

Prior to the actual city's foundation, it was a deserted heathland occasionally frequented by fishermen or smugglers, each seeking a quiet piece of coastline. The town was founded in 1810.

Today, Bournemouth is known for its coastline and beaches, seaside cliffs, nightlife, and church.

People Born in Bournemouth

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Bournemouth in People's Lives

Gerald Durrell: I traveled here in February of 1951 for my wedding, and married my fiancee Jacquie. We had been courting for two years, though our relationship was strongly against her father's wishes. We eloped as soon as she turned 21, and had our ceremony here. I was 26 years old. My brother Lawrence attended and helped me plan the wedding and after-party. By marrying me, Jacquie gave up her passion and budding career as an opera singer, and also her relationship with her family - after our wedding, she never spoke to any of her family members again. For our honeymoon, we stayed in a small room in my sister's boarding house. I returned here in 1957, directly after a successful animal-collecting expedition in Bafut. I was now busy seeking a location for a new zoo of my own that I was founding. While I was hunting for a location, I kept my exotic animals at my sister's boarding house, where Jacquie and I were staying. These eventful few months would later be my material for the book A Zoo in My Luggage. My zoo and I moved to a manor house in Jersey, the Channel Islands, in 1958. Although my sister had liked all of the animals that I had brought to her house, she was relieved to see us go.

Lawrence Durrell: I traveled here in February of 1951, to attend my younger brother Gerald's wedding. I was a major part in planning and organizing the event.

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