Bourges is a town in central France, in the department of Cher on the Yevre River. 

It was founded sometime before 50 BC by Celtic tribes, who called the area "Avaricon." The town later fell under Roman rule, and was then known as "Avaricum." During the Gallic Wars, around 50 BC, the Gauls strategy was to burn and destroy every settlement in their path. However, the inhabitants of Avaricum begged not to have their beautiful city destroyed, and it was spared. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the Romans in 52 BC, but was reconstructed as a new Roman metropolis.

Today, Bourges is known for its architecture, cathedral, and university.

People Born in Bourges

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Bourges in People's Lives

John Calvin: After graduating from the University of Orleans with a law degree, I came here to study at the University of Bourges in 1529, at the age of 20. While here, I became fascinated with the idea of humanism, as well as with Classicism. I began learning Classical Greek. I studied here for 18 months, and then returned to Paris in 1530.

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