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Bordeaux is the capital city of the region of Aquitaine in southwestern France. It is located on the Garonne River, and is at times referred to by its nicknames, "The Pearl of Aquitaine," or "Sleeping Beauty." 

The city was first settled by a Celtic tribe around 300 BC, and was then named "Burdigala." It fell to Roman rule in 60 BC, and became an important stopping point on a trade route. By the 3rd Century, the city had grown wealthy and powerful, and was the capital of the Aquitaine region. The city began to prosper making wines beginning in the 8th Century.

Today, Bordeaux is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, renowned for its wine-making and vineyards, architecture, riverfront, port, maritime economy, history, tourism, World Heritage sites, education, cuisine, downtown area, shopping, and sophisticated elegance. 

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Mary Todd Lincoln: I visited this city in 1876, on my second European trip.


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