Boma is a city in the Republic of Congo, a major port town located on the Congo River, about 65 miles upstream from the Atlantic Ocean. It has an estimated population of over 550,000 inhabitants. 

It was founded as a slaving station by European merchants in the 16th Century, mainly dominated by Dutch, British, French and Portuguese traders. It was the capital city of Belgian Congo, and later of the Congo Free State, from 1886 - 1926, after which the Congo capital was moved to Kinshasa.

Today, Boma is known for its large population, run-down feel to the city and its buildings, historic Belgian heritage, and location on the Congo River.

People Born in Boma

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Boma in People's Lives

Joseph Conrad: I traveled here as a merchant sailor working for a Belgian trading company on a steamer ship in the 1880's. I was in this area for three years, and the time I spent here would later give me the material to write the book Heart of Darkness, which would become my most famous work.

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