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Bologna is the largest city in the region of Emilia-Romagna in northeastern Italy. It is the seventh-largest city in the country, and one of the wealthiest, recognized to provide one of the best qualities of life to Italian city-dwellers.

A city with a rich history, Bologna's beginnings date back to at least 1000 BC. It was founded as an actual Roman colony in 189 BC, and in the following decades rose to further prominence and prosperity.

Today, Bologna is recognized as one of the most beautiful and essential Italian cities, known for its architecture, history, culture, cuisine, street food, outdoor markets, and wealth.

People Born in Bologna

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Bologna in People's Lives

Anthony of Padua: I traveled here in 1223, after I was elevated from a recluse kitchen-worker at an abbey hospital to a respected preacher as the outcome of delivering an impressive impromptu sermon in Forli. While in this city, I delivered sermons and gathered more widespread notice. I spent many evenings studying and praying with a cherished Book of Psalms. Handwritten and filled with years of painstaking and heartfelt notes, the book was precious to me. While giving a theology lesson to a group of students, one of them stole this book, which I was most distressed over. I prayed that the book be found or returned to me, and the student, apparently at the same moment, was moved by God to return to the abbey (he had left, convincing himself he was not meant to be a priest) permanently and restore my lost book to me. I was overjoyed, and that story is how I became the patron saint of lost items. The psalter is now on display at a friary in this city. In 1224, word of my teachings had spread across the land. It was then that I was noticed by my hero of faith, Francis of Assisi. Francis had lately been fearing for the direction the Franciscans were taking, fearing that the order was straying from the essential committment to poverty and becoming more worldly. But in me, he found reassurance, and came to admire me. I was beyond honored to be paid attention by such a great man of God. Francis put the responsibility of training new Franciscan friars into my hands.

Marko Jaric - I played professional basketball here from about 1999 - 2001. I won two back-to-back Italian Championships here on two different teams, the only player ever to do so.


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