Blackpool is a city in Lancashire in northwestern England on the Irish Sea, 27 miles north of Liverpool.

It was first inhabited around 80 AD by a Briton tribe later conquered by the Romans. Its earliest mention in history was in 1086. Blackpool rose to prominence as a top vacation spot in the 18th Century, and remained one of the top locations for resorts and amusement parks well into the 20th Century.

Today, it is sometimes referred to as "Britain's Weirdest City," and is known for its carnivals, amusement parks and rides, tourist resorts, and beaches.

People Born in Blackpool

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Blackpool in People's Lives

Javier Hernandez: I played a futball game here in 2011, playing for Manchester against the Blackpool native team. We won 3-2, and I proudly scored the winning goal.

Miley Cyrus: I performed at a private concert here in 2009 exclusively for Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family. 

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