Berlin is the capitol and largest city in Germany, and the 7th most-populated urban area in Europe.

The earliest historical record is dated back to 1192.

Today, Berlin is known for its high quality of living, creativity, history, architecture, education, economy, and art scene.

People Born in Berlin

Elke Sommer

Frederick William IV of Prussia

Berlin in People's Lives

Connie Talbot: I traveled here in 2008, at the age of nine, to perform at a charity gala for children with heart problems.

Ian McEwan: I lived here briefly with my parents, due to my father's job in the British military, in 1956, when I was eight years old.

Paula Hamilton: I lived and worked here from 1981 - 1982 as a model.

Viktoria Tolstoy: I traveled here in 2011, to perform a concert opening for Nils Landgren.

Ziyi Zhang: I traveled here in 2008 to attend the Berlin International Film Festival, where my film Forever Enthralled was debuting.

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