Church of St. Barbara
Berdichev is a town in northern Ukraine, located 27 miles south of Zhytomyr.

Though the origins of the town are unknown, it is known that in 1430, the land was sold to a duke, who granted the rights to it to some of his subjects, who are believed to have begun a small settlement here. Whatever establishment existed here however, it was destroyed during the Crimean Tatars in 1483. A Carmelite monastery was built here beginning in 1627, considered to have been a major anchor for further inhabitation.

Today, Berdichev is known for its history, architecture, churches, convent, and Jewish history.

People Born in Berdichev

Joseph Conrad

Berdichev in People's Lives

Joseph Conrad: I was born here in 1857, the son of Apollo Korzeniowski - a writer and political activisit. I was my parent's only child. At the time of my birth, this town belonged to the Kingdom of Poland, and I would consider myself to truly be Polish for the rest of my life. My parents belonged to historic Polish nobility, and my family was comfortably well off. However, due to my father's attempts at many different careers and political involvement, we moved frequently. In May of 1861, when I was three years old, we moved away from this town to Warsaw.

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