Benjamin Silliman
Benjamin Silliman was an American chemist, one of the first professors of science, and the first to distill petroleum.

He was a longstanding professor at Yale and was one of the founding members of its medical school.

Full Name Benjamin Silliman
Who scientist
Birth Date August 8, 1779
Death Date November 24, 1864
Country United States
Born Trumbull, Connecticut, USA
Died New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Cause of Death old age

University of Edinburgh

University of Pennsylvania

Yale University

Father Gold Sellek Silliman
Mother Mary Fish Noyes Silliman

Harriet Trumbull Silliman

Sarah Isabella McClellan Webb Silliman

Susan Huldah Forbes Silliman


Joseph Noyes

John Noyes

James Noyes

Sellek Silliman


Henrietta Frances Silliman Dana

Julia Silliman Gilman

Benjamin Silliman Jr.


Silliman was the father of Benjamin Silliman Jr.

Silliman was a longtime friend of Jedidiah Morse, and later was his son Samuel Morse's professor in electricity at Yale.

After Silliman had been a tutor at Yale for three years, Timothy Dwight IV, the current president of the university, proposed that he conduct further studies in the sciences and then return to accept a professorship. Silliman agreed and delivered the first scientific lectures ever given at Yale, as well as becoming one of the first professors of science.

Through his marriage to his first wife Harriet, Silliman was the son-in-law of John Trumbull Jr.

Silliman's second daughter, Henrietta, married James Dwight Dana, who had attended Yale specifically to study under him. Silliman was a driving influence to Dana, who would forever list him as his most important mentor.

Through his youngest daughter Julia's marriage, Silliman became acquainted with Daniel Coit Gilman, his daughter's brother-in-law.

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