Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin was one of the integral Founding Fathers of the United States, and one of the most eminent polymaths in history. He was renowned writer, politician, printer, theorist, scientist, inventor, freemason, postmaster, civic activist, statesman, physicist, diplomat, and more. 

His many inventions include bifocal lenses, lightning rods, and the Franklin stove. He is nicknamed "the First American" and is now featured as the face on the American $100 bill.

Full Name Benjamin Franklin
Who polymath, Founding Father
Birth Date January 17, 1706
Death Date April 17, 1790
Country United States
Born Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Cause of Death pleuritic attack
Education n/a
Father Josiah Franklin
Mother Abiah Folger Franklin
Spouse Deborah Read
Siblings sixteen siblings

William Franklin

Francis Folger Franklin

Sarah Franklin Bache


With his vast array of interests, pursuits, and involvements, Franklin had a diverse and plentiful group of friends. Among them were Albert Gallatin, and Samuel Cooper.

Franklin was an acquaintance of William White, Bishop of Pennsylvania.

While attending a conference on aeronautics and the future of balloon transportation in Paris in 1783, Franklin met Giacomo Casanova.

Franklin's death has often been speculated to have possibly been hastened by the extreme bloodletting practices of one of his doctors, a leading name of his day, Benjamin Rush.

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How Added - Because he was #35 on the "100 Most Significant Figures in History" list by Time magazine.

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