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Beijing, also sometimes known as Peking, is the capitol of China. The city and its environs make up the 6th most populated metropolis in the world.

The city originated as a city-state called Ji in the 11th Century B.C., making Beijing one of the world's oldest cities.

Beijing is known for its fast pace, modern innovation, and as a leading world center for politics and business.

People Born in Beijing

Ziyi Zhang

Beijing in People's Lives

Adelina Sotnikova: I traveled here in 2010 for the Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final, which I won. I came back in 2013 for the Figure Skating Cup of China and placed second.

Jared Leto: I traveled here in in 2006 to film a music video for my band, 30 Seconds to Mars, for the song "From Yesterday." Rather than a traditional music video, I shot the video as a short film. It was done in the Forbidden City, and became the first American music video to have been shot entirely in China.

Oscar Pistorius: I ran in the 2008 Summer Paralympics here, and won a gold medal.

Ziyi Zhang: I was born here in 1979, and grew up here. I had a quiet family life with my parents and my older brother, whom I am very close to. I took up a dedicated interest in dance, and was admitted to a prestigious Beijing dance academy for younger girls at age 11. I won a dance championship here at age 15 and was admitted to one of China's most elite acting schools at the age of 17.


Most Beautiful Places

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