Fabyan Windmill
Batavia is a town in northeastern Illinois, located 40 miles west of Chicago. It was historically nicknamed "Windmill City" due to its former large number of windmills, and was the largest producer of windmills in the late 19th Century. 

It was established in 1833 and called "Big Woods," but was renamed in 1840 after Batavia, New York.

Today, Batavia is known for its downtown area, quaint houses, and as the location of Fermilab, a federal government-funded laboratory that focuses on high-energy physics.

People Born in Batavia

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Batavia in People's Lives

Mary Todd Lincoln: After increasingly erratic and dangerous behavior, my only remained son Robert committed me to a mental hospital here in 1875. Determined not to remain here, I smuggled out letters to my lawyer, wrote to my friend and lawyer Myra Bradwell asking for help, and wrote letters to the editors to be published in the Chicago Times. My son Robert began to be painted as a villain with ill intentions in the press, as he controlled my finances. Later in the year, my son agreed that I should be released, and allowed to go live in Springfield with my sister.

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