Bala Lake sunset
Bala is a small town in the county of Gwynedd in northern Wales, located on the north end of Bala Lake. Its downtown area consists of one wide street, lined with shops.

It was inhabited as a Roman settlement, but rose to prominence in the 18th Century for its manufacturing of items of clothing, particularly gloves, hosiery, flannel, and stockings.

Today, Bala is known as a beautiful small Welsh town, notable for its lakeside views, history, and high percentage of Welsh-speaking inhabitants.

People Born in Bala

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Bala in People's Lives

Michael Collins: After being arrested at the Easter Monday rebellion in 1916, back in Dublin, I was transported to an internment camp just outside this town, along with hundreds of other prisoners. Undaunted, I began plotting the "next time" immediately, before I even arrived here, and began recruiting other members. It is thought by many that it was during my time here, thinking and plotting and gathering supporters, that I truly emerged as a rising power in the movement for Irish independence. We were let free from this prison in December of 1916.

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