Bafut is a large town in western Cameroon.

Though European settlement arrived in 1889, and is more well documented, the area was the site of the famous "Fondom" of Bafut, ruled by a fon chieftan, centuries prior to that.

Today, Bafut is known for its majestic natural beauty and surrounding moutains, lush forests, historic fon palace, and its recent ambition to become an eco-friendly city.

People Born in Bafut

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Bafut in People's Lives

Gerald Durrell: I visited here multiple times, in 1947 on my first wildlife conservation expedition, and again in 1949, when I met the vivacious Fon of Bafut and forged a friendship with him. He agreed to allow me to explore the area on future voyages to collect animals. I returned for my final visit in 1957, to gather animals for what would become my own zoo. I wrote about my experiences here in the book To Bafut with Beagles, which became a success and made this town more well-known in the Western world.

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