1280px-Азов (Ростовская область)
Azov is a town in southwestern Russia, located on the Don River and close to the Sea of Azov, which it is named for.

Historically a valuable location due to being situated at the mouth of the Don, this town was first settled by the Greeks as a colony called "Tanais" in the 3rd Century BC. That city was destroyed by Polemon I of Pontus in the 1st Century BC, and the city was destroyed again by the Goths in the 3rd Century AD. After that, civilization there dwindled, and a new town was built here in the 5th Century. Some consider Azov to have been founded in 1067, however, as that is when the present-day city was established and given its name.

Today, Azov is known for its historic fortress, history, ruins, proximity to river and sea, and Russian intelligence and military ties.

People Born in Azov

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Azov in People's Lives

Peter the Great: I traveled here on a military expedition, the Azov Campaigns, in 1695, desiring to capture the great fortress here, which would also mean controlling the mouth of the Don River. However, multiple attempts at sieging the fortress failed, and I returned to Moscow a few months later. The defeat made me even more determined to take Azov, and I worked for months on my military and navy, marching back to this town in the summer of 1696 and successfully conquering the fortress. I later returned this city to the Ottomans as party of a treaty agreement in 1710.

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