Avila is a town in the community of Castile y Leon in central Spain. It is sometimes nicknamed "Town of Stones and Saints," for its abundance of history, religious heritage, and old-world buildings. It is one of the locations with the most Romanesque and Gothic structures in Spain. The entire city was declared a World Heritage site in 1985.

Founded sometime around or before the 5th Century BC, the town was then a fortress called "Obila," and its signature feature were stone statues of boars, some of which still exist today. After the town was conquered by the Romans, it was known as "Abela," and most of the ancient Roman town still exists today.

Avila is now best known for its remarkably intact, well preserved Roman walls, aqueducts, buildings, cathedrals, and other structures. The town's core, built from the Roman Era to the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, is the predominant architectural theme of the city, with little room for modern buildings - a rarity. The town is also renowned for its cathedral, castle, intact ancient city walls, history, and Catholic influence.

People Born in Avila

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Avila in People's Lives

Isabella I of Castile: I traveled here in 1468, to bury my beloved little brother Alfonso of Asturias. Though I mourned his death, it also moved me into a higher position of power, as the nobles of Castile prepared to back me to take the throne.

Liam NeesonI traveled here in 2004 to film scenes of the movie Kingdom of Heaven

Orlando Bloom: I traveled here in 2004 to film scenes of the movie Kingdom of Heaven

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