Lavender fields
Avignon is a city in the department of Vaucluse in southeastern France, located on the Rhone River 53 miles from Marseille. Its Palace of the Popes, located in the heart of its walled ancient city center, is a World Heritage Site.

There has been settlement in Avignon since the time of the Phoenicians. The city began around 539 BC, as a Greek Emporium. It fell to the Roman Empire in 120 BC, and reached a golden age as the seat of the papacy in 1377.

Today, Avignon is known for its medieval inner city, ancient city walls, history, lavender fields, flowers, papal palace, Catholic heritage, architecture, and tourism.

People Born in Avignon

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Avignon in People's Lives

Mary Todd LincolnI visited this city in 1877, on my second European trip.

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