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Aurelian was Emperor of Rome from 270 until his death in 275. Though originating from relatively humble beginnings, Aurelian rose to military prominence and then to Emperor of the expanding Roman Empire. After only four years in power, he had re-conquered many of the kingdoms that had been lost in revolts, and was responsible for fully reuniting the empire, earning him the colloquial title "Restitutor Orbis," or, "Restorer of the World."

Full Name Lucius Domitius Aurelianus Augustus
Who Emperor of Rome
Birth Date September 9, 214
Death Date October 275
Country Italy
Born Sofia, Bulgaria
Died Corlu, Turkey
Cause of Death murdered
Father unknown
Spouse Ulpia Severina
Children one daughter


Aurelian's military prowess as a cavalry commander earned him the attention of Emperor Gallienus, who made him a member of his entourage in 268.

In 268, Aurelian commanded the cavalry under Claudius II, then a general, to win victory in the Battle of Naissus in present-day Nis, Serbia. When Gallienus was assassinated later that year, Aurelian pledged his allegiance to Claudius as contendor for the title of Emperor. After Claudius was crowned, he made Aurelian Master of the Horse, effectively controlling the entire military second only to the emperor. Claudius and Aurelian continued to go into battle together for many years, and were close friends. Upon Claudius's death in 270, he named Aurelian as his successor.

In 272, Aurelian launched an invasion into the Palmyrene Empire ruled by Zenobia, who had recently cut off grain supplies sailing into Rome. She was captured, and Aurelian ordered that she and her son be made to walk through the streets as prisoners.


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