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Auckland is the most-populated city in New Zealand, with its 1.4 million inhabitants making up 32 percent of the entire country. It is located on New Zealand's North Island. It also has the largest Polynesian population of any city in the world.

Since about 1350, the area of Auckland has been inhabited by the Maori people. European takeover began in 1840, when William Hobson, the Governor of New Zealand, chose the land as the location for the new country's capital. The city was named in honor of George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland. Building started immediately, and by 1841, the city of Auckland had officially been declared the colony's capital.

Today, Auckland is known for its size, architecture, skyscrapers and city skyline, beautiful waterfront, for having two harbors in seperate waterfronts, its volcanoes, parks, cultural variety, and economy.

People Born in Auckland

Rachel Hunter

Auckland in People's Lives

Liam NeesonI traveled here in 2011 to film scenes of the movie Battleship

Rudyard Kipling: I visited this city in 1891, after leaving England to seek temporary relief from a heartbreaking love triangle. I adored this city, and famously called it the "last, loneliest, loveliest, exquisite apart."


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