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Asuncion is the capital and largest city of Paraguay, and is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in South America, sometimes nicknamed the "Mother of Cities."

It was established as a fort in 1537, and experienced an influx of population and economy in 1542, when Buenos Aires was destroyed, and thousands of Spanish inhabitants fled to Asuncion.

Today, Asuncion is known for its sprawling large size, as Paraguay's economic center, and history.

People Born in Asuncion

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Asuncion in People's Lives

Gerald Durrell: I traveled here in 1954, on a wildlife collecting voyage. However, it was bad timing, as Paraguay was in a state of political upheaval and in the middle of a coup d'etat. Thus, the expedition was not successful.

Jorge Luis Borges: While visiting here in April of 1986, I married my long-time personal assistant, Maria. Our wedding was rather un-romantic and pragmatic, and without ceremony - we were married by a lawyer in a courthouse type of setting. At the time of our marriage, I was far older than Maria and gravely ill. We married because I believed that in the event of my death, she would manage my works and estate as I would wish. I died a few months later.

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