Assisi is a town in the Umbria region of central Italy, known for its numerous cathedrals and pilgrimage draw as the home city of Francis of Assisi

The area was first settled in approximately 1000 BC by a large number of immigrants. The city was established by the Romans in 295 BC, then called "Asisium," the ruins of which are still visibly integrated into the modern-day city. 

People Born in Assisi

Francis of Assisi

Assisi in Other People's Lives

Anthony of Padua: After a ship taking me back to Portugal was blown into Sicily by a storm in 1222, I decided that God would not wish me to waste my time in Italy, and headed here to the hometown of my hero, Francis of Assisi. I requested that I be accepted into a friary there, but, too humble to tell them of my extensive studies of Franciscan theology, the priests only took in my sickly appearance - I was still recovering from a serious illnesss I had contracted in Morocco - and sent me away to a hospital in Forli.

Francis of Assisi: I was born here in 1181, and stayed here for much of my time as a child and young man. It was here that I gradually transformed from a flamboyant, carousing young man into a religious figurehead.

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