Aries: "The Ram"

March 21st - April 19th

Type - Fire

Positive attributes - Confident, Exciting, Vibrant, Optimistic, Driven, Independent, Enthusiastic, Courageous

Negative attributes - Selfish, Overconfident, Moody, Impatient, Impulsive, Unfocused. 

Aries are vibrant, adventurous people who have no trouble focusing on themselves. They are confident, at times to the point of recklessness or arrogance. Aries are often self obsessed, which in a positive light could make them self assured, but negatively can make them quite selfish - often their dominant flaw. They often impress people with their flair, zest for life, and "on top of the world" attitude. They are normally quite driven from a young age, and their drive and zeal often makes them extremely successful. Intent on succeeding and being great at anything that they take on, they can be great in relationships as long as they do not become bored, or let their selfishness take over. They are energetic, able to keep a clear mind and accomplish goals, but they are also notorious for losing interest in projects that they have plunged into, or moving onto something else at the first setback. They are independent go-getters, and rarely ask for help. They are often viewed as magnetic with many friends and followers, as they are seen as being exciting and inspirational, often enciting jealousy in others for their glamorous lifestyles. They like to keep their lives fresh and exciting, and hate boredom. They are generally quite impatient. With other figures of authority, Aries often clash due to a childish need to get what they want. They can be spoiled and self cenetered, and at times lie or manipulate others, sometimes through charm. They are outspoken, strong leaders, confident, and alluring.

Aries People

March 24 - Lake Bell

March 24 - Peyton Manning

March 25 - Catherine of Siena

March 25 - Sarah Jessica Parker

March 26 - Keira Knightley

March 26 - Jessica Hart

March 26 - Nina Agdal

March 27 - Brenda Song

March 28 - Mario Vargas Llosa

March 28 - Samuel Cooper (minister)

March 30 - Vincent van Gogh

March 31 - Ewan McGregor

March 31 - Johann Sebastian Bach

March 31 - Rene Descartes

April 1 - Clementine Churchill

April 1 - David Oyelowo

April 1 - Debbie Reynolds

April 1 - Elizabeth Gutierrez

April 1 - Otto von Bismarck

April 2 - Giacomo Casanova

April 2 - Michael Fassbender

April 3 - Leona Lewis

April 4 - Sarah Gadon

April 4 - William White, Bishop of Pennsylvania

April 8 - Vivienne Westwood

April 9 - Marc Jacobs

April 9 - Paulina Porizkova

April 10 - Chyler Leigh

April 11 - Alessandra Ambrosio

April 11 - Jennifer Esposito

April 12 - Brooklyn Decker

April 13 - Charles Armand Tuffin de la Rouërie

April 13 - Thomas Jefferson

April 14 - Abigail Breslin

April 14 - Georgina Chapman

April 15 - Emma Watson

April 15 - Emma Thompson

April 15 - Leonardo da Vinci

April 15 - Luke Evans

April 15 - Henry James

April 16 - Charlie Chaplin

April 19 - Maria Sharapova

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