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Arevalo is a town in the community of Castille y Leon in north-central Spain.

It has existed since the Dark Ages, and was once inhabited by Celtic tribes. Its name it taken from the Celtic word "Arevalon," meaning, "place near the wall."

Today, it is known for its churches, historic buildings, and as the childhood home of Isabella I of Castile.

People Born in Arevalo

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Arevalo in People's Lives

Isabella I of Castile: After my older half-brother, Henry IV of Castile, came to the throne in 1454, he ordered that my mother, younger brother Alfonso and I move here. I was three years old. The years that I spent here were ones of chaos and poverty, and our living conditions were poor. We also never seemed to have enough money to support ourselves. Though my father, King John II of Castile, had written in his will that we each be given a generous allowance, my brother Henry did not carry out these wishes. My mother, though deeply worried for her children, made sure that I was raised as much like a princess as possible. The lack of extravagence was used to instill in me a deeply pious, humble nature. When it was announced that Henry's wife, Joan of Portugal, was about to give birth to a child, Henry felt more secure about his hold on the throne, and summoned us to return to court in Segovia in 1462. I was 11 years old.