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Arequipa is the third most-populated metropolitan area in Peru, the capital of the region of Arequipa, and the seat of the Constitutional Court of Peru. It is the 2nd-largest city in Peru, and also the country's most industrialized and commercial city. 

It was originally inhabited by the Incas, and was settled as early as 2000 BC. The actual city was founded in 1540 and soon became a wealthy and important Spanish colonial city.

Today, Arequipa is known for its large size, integral part in Peruvian economy, exportation - especially of wool and manufactured goods, cathedrals, history, architecture, education, surrounding mountains, tourism, religion, and culture.

People Born in Arequipa

Mario Vargas Llosa

Arequipa in People's Lives

Mario Vargas Llosa: I was born here in 1936, my parent's oldest child. My mother was a radio operator for an aviation company. Approximately a year after I was born, it was revealed that my father was having an affair with a German woman, and my parents divorced. I lived with my mother and her family until I was about two years old, when my mother's father was made honorary consul for Peru in Bolivia. After this, we moved to Cochabamba, Bolivia, around 1938.

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