Saint Anthony with Infant Jesus by Antonio de Pereda
Saint Anthony of Padua was a Portuguese Catholic Franciscan priest and friar, also sometimes referred to as Anthony of Lisbon. He was canonized in 1232, and is the patron saint of finding things or lost people.

Full Name Fernando "Anthony" Martins de Bulhoes
Who priest
Birth Date August 15, 1195
Death Date June 13, 1231
Country Portugal
Born Lisbon, Portugal
Died Padua, Italy
Cause of Death ergotism poisoning
Education at abbeys
Father Vicente Martins
Mother Teresa Pais Taveira
Spouse n/a
Siblings unknown


Anthony met Francis of Assisi in 1223, but had admired him fiercely long before that, studying his teachings as a young man, converting to the Franciscan order, and seeking to be admitted into an Assisi abbey a year earlier. Francis, who had been fearing the members of the order he founded had began to turn away from poverty and stray into worldliness, was reassured by Anthony's devout example, and the two men became friends. In 1224, Francis made Anthony in charge of training new friars to the order.

Anthony preached and shared theological views with Pope Gregory IX, who admired his teachings greatly. Anthony stayed at the Pope's Vatican court for some time, and the pope called him "the ark of the Testament." After Anthony's death in 1231, the Pope canonized him as a saint in 1232, less than a year after his death, making him the second-fastest canonized saint, after Peter of Verona.


Lisbon, Portugal - Born here, 1195. Grew up here, 1195 - 1212.

Coimbra, Portugal - Studied and was ordained here, 1212 - 1222.

Casablanca, Morocco - Traveled here, 1222.

Messina, Italy - Traveled here, 1222.

Assisi, Italy - Traveled here, 1222.

Forli, Italy - Lived here, 1222.

Bologna, Italy - Traveled here, 1223 - 1224.

Montpellier, France - Was a theology professor here, around 1224.

Toulouse, France - Was a theology professor here, around 1225.

Arles, France - Traveled here, 1226.

Rome, Italy - Lived here, 1227 - 1228.

Padua, Italy - Lived here on and off, 1228 - 1231. Died here, 1231.


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How Added - Through mentor Francis of Assisi.

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