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Anouk Aimee is a French actress. Since beginning her career at the age of 14 in 1947, she has appeared in 70 films. During the 1960's, she was one of the most sought after European actresses.

She has won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and a BAFTA Award for Best Actress, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. Additionally, she has recieved a Cesar Award and won Award for Best Actress at the 1980 Cannes Film Festival.

Full Name  Nicole Francoise Florence "Anouk Aimee" Dreyfus
Who actress
Birth Date April 27, 1932
Born Paris, France
Country France
Education n/a
Father Henry Dreyfus Murray
Mother Genevieve Sorya

Eduard Zimmermann

Nikos Papatakis

Pierre Barouh

Albert Finney

Siblings unknown
Children Manuela Papatakis


Aimee is said to be related to Alfred Dreyfus, though this is not confirmed.

Jacques Prevert wrote a role in his film Les amants de Verone in 1949 specially for Aimee. It was he that suggested that she change her name to "Anouk Aimee."

Aimee had a love affair with Omar Sharif.

While casting in 1984 for the film La Brava, starring Dustin Hoffman, Hoffman rejected the idea in the script that he was to play a character who falls in love with an uncast older woman. He urged the casting directors to find a younger woman, protesting that he would not be able to find an older woman that he would have chemistry with. Faye Dunaway was suggested, but Hoffman rejected her, saying that she was "too obvious." A month later, he happened to meet Aimee in Paris, and immediately contacted the director, saying that he had changed his mind. He was so confident in her, he told casting directors that they only needed to talk to her on the phone and hear her voice to be convinced.

Aimee was married a total of four times. Her first marriage lasted for a year, with Eduard Zimmermann, from 1949 - 1950. Her second marriage was to Nikos Papatakis, from 1951 - 1955. She had her only child, a daughter, with Papatakis. Her third marriage was to a music producer and lasted three years. Lastly, she married Albert Finney, and they remained married from 1970 - 1979.

Robert Altman was desperate to cast Aimee in his film Lake Lugano, and although Aimee "loved" the script, she was put off when she actually met with Altman in person, and thus turned down the role. Later, she described him as being "like a bomb," saying "I want this, I want that." She said, "it would be very difficult to work with him." The film never ended up being made.

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