Anne Bradstreet was an American poet. She was the first female to have her writing published in the British North American colonies. Along with her husband, she was also instrumental in the founding of Harvard University and in the early days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Full Name Anne Dudley Bradstreet
Who writer
Birth Date 1612
Death Date September 16, 1672
Country United States
Born Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, UK
Died North Andover, Massachusetts, USA
Cause of Death tuberculosis
Father Thomas Dudley
Mother Dorothy Yorke Dudley
Spouse Simon Bradstreet

Samuel Bradstreet

Simon Bradstreet Jr.

six other children


Bradstreet was the daughter of Thomas Dudley.

Bradstreet was the sister-in-law of John Woodbridge, who was also a friend and supporter of her work. Without her knowledge, he took some of her writings with him when he sailed to England in 1647 and had them published in London.

How Added - Stumbled upon her.

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