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Anna Neagle was an English stage and film actress from the 1930's - 1950's, voted the most popular star in Britain in 1949. She was also an occasional singer and dancer.

Full Name Anna Robertson Neagle
Who actress
Birth Date October 20, 1904
Death Date June 3, 1986
Country England
Born London, England, UK
Died West Byfleet, Surrey, England, UK
Cause of Death cancer
Education n/a
Father Herbert Robertson
Mother Florence Neagle
Spouse Herbert Wilcox
Siblings Stuart Robertson


Though she never lived to meet him, Neagle was the great-aunt of Nicholas Hoult.

While beginning as a background stage dancer in 1917, Neagle was an understudy for Jessie Matthews.

Neagle's first big role was in the West End musical Stand Up and Sing. She was encouraged to audition for the role by Jack Buchanan, the male lead of the show. Performed in 1931, it ended up being Neagle's big break.

Herbert Wilcox had staged the show Stand Up and Sing in 1931 purposely for Buchanan, but it was Neagle that ended up catching his eye. He approached her, and they formed a professional alliance. With his help, she landed a starring role in the film Goodnight, Vienna, released in 1932, and she became an overnight star. Wilcox continued to act as her agent for the rest of her career. Wilcox and Neagle ended up getting married in 1943. The couple removed themselves from film life in 1957. They continued to have a good relationship, and when Wilcox fell into bad times financially and went bankrupt in 1964, Neagle came to his rescue. 

Graham Greene, a film critic at the time, was a fan of Neagle. In 1934, he remarked "I have seen few things more attractive than Miss Neagle."

Neagle was a friend of Frankie Vaughan. In her career, she produced three films, and had Vaughan act in all of them.

Anne, Princess Royal and Lana Morris were both longtime friends of Neagle. Together, the two women unveiled a memorial placque for Neagle in 1996, years after her death.

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