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Ann Arbor is a city in southeastern Michigan, the sixth-largest city in its state. It is located on the Huron River and approximately 42 miles from Detroit. Regarded by some as a university town, it is the location of the University of Michigan, which has great impact on the city's economy, medical system, and employment.

It was founded in 1824 by two land surveyors, and was named "Annarbour," named in honor of the men's wives, both of whom were named Ann. After the University of Michigan moved here from Detroit in 1837, the town grew in size and prominence.

Today, Ann Arbor is known for its pictaresque scenery, downtown area, riverfront, autumn colors, large amount of trees within the city, historic theater, and university.

People Born in Ann Arbor

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Ann Arbor in People's Lives

Liam HemsworthI traveled here to film scenes of the movie Love and Honor in 2012. 

Mamah Borthwick: I attended the University of Michigan here from 1888 - 1892, after which I moved to Port Huron, Michigan to work as a librarian and translator.

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