Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson was an army general, notably during the War of 1812, and the seventh president of the United States.

Full Name Andrew Jackson
Who President of the United States
Birth Date March 15, 1767
Death Date June 8, 1845
Country United States
Born Waxhaws, North Carolina, USA
Died Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Cause of Death tuberculosis
Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Father Andrew Jackson Sr.
Mother Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson
Spouse Rachel Jackson

Hugh Jackson

Robert Jackson


Andrew Jackson Donelson

Lyncoya Jackson

Daniel Smith Donelson

Theodore Jackson


Jackson met Sam Houston during the War of 1812, and two became close friends. Jackson became a mentor to him, and Houston later named his son after him.

Martin van Buren, a close friend of Jackson's, served as his Vice President.

When an assassination attempt was made against Jackson in 1833, the man fled, and Washington Irving - a friend of Jackson's - chased after him.

Davy Crockett was a friend of Jackson's.

During Jackson's campaign in 1828, many personal attacks against him were used, including one about his wife's honor, accusing her of bigamy. Jackson swore that while he may forgive attacks against him, he would never forgive attacks against his wife. John Quincy Adams was among the loudest accusers of Mrs. Jackson, and when she died a few weeks later, Jackson felt that Adams' besmirching of her reputation had hastened her death. True to his word, he never forgave Adams, and hated him bitterly for the rest of his life.

Jackson was a friend of James Buchanan.


Jackson, Louisiana, USA - Visited here, 1815.

Memphis, Tennessee, USA - Founded this city, 1819.

How Added - Through his friend Sam Houston.

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