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Andover is a town in northeastern Massachusetts, part of the greater Boston area and close to the border of New Hampshire. 

The land of Andover was sectioned off in 1634 with the intention of being made into a city. Settlers were encouraged to populate the land with offers of three years free of taxes and levies. Andover was officially first settled in 1641 by John Woodbridge and a group of other European settlers, and named after Andover, Hampshire, England.

Today, Andover is known for its proximity to Boston and quaint New England charm - making it a desirable place to live, its farms and elegant upper-class homes, and for having some of the fastest internet speeds in the United States.

People Born in Andover

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Andover in People's Lives

John Woodbridge: I purchased this land, and founded and established this town in 1641, bringing with me a group of other New England colonists. I was ordained as the town's minister in 1645, and led the church and congregation here as a leading and respected figure of the community. In 1647, I decided to return to England, and left this town.

Samuel Morse: I was sent to attend school at the elite Phillip's Academy here around 1801, at approximately the age of 10. My father's rigidly strict upbringing and attention to proper schooling had paid off.

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