Anais Nin
Anais Nin was a French-born American writer of Spanish and Cuban descent. She is famous for her litererary erotic fiction, which a private collector commissioned at $1 per page.

Full Name Angela Anais Juana Antolina Edelmira Nin
Who writer
Birth Date February 21, 1903
Death Date January 14, 1977
Country France / United States
Born Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Died Los Angeles, California, USA
Cause of Death cardiac arrest / malnutrition
Education n/a

Joaquin Nin

Mother Rosa Culmell

Hugh Parker Guiler

Rupert Pole

Children none
Siblings Joaquin Nin Culmell


Nin's therapy sessions with Otto Rank were some of the most influential experiences of her life, forever changing her views on women, sexuality, and culture. The two were also rumored to have had an affair.

Nin shared a bohemian, sexual relationship with Henry Miller from about 1931 - 1934, while married to her first husband, who knew about the open affair and was amicable toward it. Nin helped Miller's 1934 book Tropic of Cancer get published, and also paid for his apartment in Paris.

While having an affair with Henry Miller, Nin met his wife, June Miller, in 1931, when June joined her husband in Paris. Much to the jealousy of Henry, Nin became fascinated with June, and the two became close, and possibly lovers. June herself was known to be strongly attracted to women. The two certainly had a flirtatious, obsessive relationship, though Nin denied that it was sexual. This created a complex love triangle between Nin and the Millers, though the relationship with June ended quickly when she left the country about a year later.

Nin was a lover of Gore Vidal, despite being 22 years older. They shared a brief, passionate relationship, which Nin broke off after recognizing herself as the character Maria in Vidal's novel The City and the Pillar.

Nin was a friend of John Steinbeck, and the two possibly shared an attraction. Steinbeck gave a copy of Cannery Row to Nin inscribed: "For Anais, who if circumstances and sexes were not so involved, I would ask to be my bride."

Nin was a lover of Edmund Wilson, who offered to "teach her how to write" and marry her. Nin took it as an insult, and broke off their affair.

Nin had an affair with James Agee.

Nin was a friend of Lawrence Durrell, whom she met in Paris in 1937.

Nin was the step-grandaughter-in-law of Frank Lloyd Wright, through her marriage to Rupert Pole.


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