Anadarko is a town in western Oklahoma, located 50 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. It is nicknamed "Indian Capital of the Nation," due to the high number of Native Americans who live in the town. It is one of the two towns where the Lenape tribe has its headquarters. The land of the town was a former Indian reservation. Native Americans actually form the majority of inhabitants, so much so that Caucasian locals are often familiar with Indian words and phrases.

Originally Native American land, the town of Anadarko began in 1873 with the construction of a post office. It was meant to named after the Nadarko Indian tribe, but the typist added the "A" at the beginning in error. Nevertheless, the name stayed.

Today, the town is primarily known for its strong Native American prescence, influence, way of life, culture, and heritage. The area is also known for its agriculture.

People Born in Anadarko

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Anadarko in People's Lives

Orlando BloomI traveled here in 2004 to film scenes of the movie Elizabethtown

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