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Amsterdam is the capitol and largest city in the Netherlands. Its first mention in history was in 1275.

The city, considered one of the major locations in Europe, is known for its architecture, its canals (deeming it comparison to Venice), its riverwalk shopping, relaxed and open-minded lifestyle, its Red Light District, for having the world's oldest stock exchange, its tulips, and for the amount of bicycles used for transportation.

People Born in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam in People's Lives

Magnus Carlsen: I traveled here in 2006 to compete in the NH Chess Tournament, and was placed on the "rising stars" team. My team won the match, and I was the best individual player of the team. This made me eligable to compete in higher competitions.

Peter the GreatMaking plans to conquer the powerful Ottoman Empire, I traveled here incognito in 1697 to seek allies. At the time, the Netherlands was one of the most modern, advanced countries in the world, and I not only hoped to gain allies here, but also knowledge and new ideas to bring back to Russia. While here, I visted the home and amazing museum library collection of Jacob de Wilde, who became a friend of mine. Nicolaes Witsen, the mayor of this city, gave me permission to study shipbuilding in the country. 

Sienna Miller: I filmed scenes of the movie Interview here in 2006.

Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire: I was sent here on a diplomatic mission by Henry VIII in 1512.

William Penn: I traveled here in 1677 on a Quaker missionary voyage, and documented my stay closely in my journal. Nowhere did I remark about the atmosphere or appearance of the city, only about the advancement of my faith. I seem to have scarcely noticed the city at all. While here, I mainly attended Quaker meetings, and also wrote a letter of petition to the King about fairer treatment of Quaker believers in Holland.