Amman is the capital and largest city of Jordan, and the center for the country's politics, culture, and economy. It is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world. It is the 2nd most-popular place for international companies to set up headquarters, behind only Dubai. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the Arab world.

The first settlement here was in the Neolithic Era, around 7500 BC. By the 13th Century BC, it had risen to a prosperous and influential status, ruled by the Ammonites and known as "Rabat Amon." It was mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. It was later re-named Philadelphia, and is also in the New Testament under this name. The ancient city was destroyed by a series of severe earthquakes, and rebuilt and brought back to its ancient glory starting in 1878.

Today, Amman is known as one of the major Arab cities in the Middle Eastern world. It is notable for its size, culture, history, economy, business and commerce, skyline, universities, wealth, tourism, liberal free thinking, and beauty.

People Born in Amman

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Amman in People's Lives

Ralph Fiennes: I traveled here in 2008 to film scenes of the movie The Hurt Locker. Despite filming here, the setting was, in the film, portrayed to be a war-torn modern Baghdad, which was too dangerous to actually film in. The New Yorker magazine noted that in spite of attempts, the setting of Amman looked too clean and wealthy to be a convincing Baghdad.

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