Amasya is a large town in the province of Amasya in northern Turkey, located in the mountains along the Black Sea, on the Yesilirmak River. 

The city was established by the Hittites, and by the 4th Century BC was the capital of the Pontic Kingdom. It was later one of the most powerful and wealthy cities in the Ottoman Empire.

Today, Amasya is known for its natural surroundings of mountains and riverfronts, apple growing, architecture, history, ancient ruins, wealth, ancient rock tombs, and cafes.

People Born in Amasya

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Amasya in People's Lives

Julius Caesar: I traveled here to conquer the Pontic Empire in 47 BC. I had never fought this empire's forces before, but upon defeating them in an overwhelming victory, I scoffed at how weak a foe they had proved to be, and pointed out that my former rival, Pompey, had constantly boasted before about his victories here. 

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