Alexi Lubomirski self portrait
Alexi Lubomirski is an English fashion photographer and Prince of the Polish House of Lubomirski. He has photographed countless supermodels, A-list actors and actresses, and more. He published the book Notes for a Young Prince in 2011, all proceeds of which went to charity.

Full Name Alexi Lubomirski, Prince of the House of Lubomirski
Who photographer
Birth Date August 26, 1975
Country England
Born London, England, UK
Education University of Brighton
Spouse Giada Lubomirski

Sole Luka Lubomirski

Leone Lubomirski


Lubomirski is a friend of Sarah Jessica Parker.

Lubomirski is an acquaintance of photographer Michael Thompson. When he was about to get married in 2009, and questioning what makes a good husband, a mutual friend told him that Thompson was an excellent family man, husband, and father. Encouraged, Lubomirski decided to write and ask for advice, and was delighted when Thompson promptly wrote back. Lubomirski says that his impression of Thompson was that he was "generous and a gentleman."

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Born in Wimbledon area of London to a Peruvian mother, Polish father. Grew up in London, Paris, and moved to Botswana at age 8. Raised by stepfather since he was 2. Stepfather gave him his first camera at age 11. He also learned of his royal status at age 11, and only reacted by saying "Awesome!" and moving on. Being a prince has never in any way affected his life. Attended high school in Oxford. During this time, did odd jobs including: waitering, gardening, bartending to save money to travel. Traveled through Peru during a gap year in college, and then became seriously interested in photography. Attended University of Brighton. Shortly after graduating, was introduced to Mario Testino in London, who he assisted for the next 4 years, living in Paris and London. While with Testino, he also traveled to South Africa, Rio, NYC, Scotland. Began dating model Jacquetta Wheeler, who had also been "discovered" by Testino 2 years earlier. Toward the end of these four years, he was asked by Katie Grand to shoot for the Face magazine and later for Harpers Bazaar US. Has worked closely with Brana Wolf. Moved to New York City in 2005. Got married in 2009. Went on romantic husband-wife vacation with wife to Sag Harbor, New York in 2011, right before birth of first child (rented a house there). Enjoys swimming and biking. Is chivalrous and romantic toward wife Giada, caring for his children. Is often in L.A. and Miami for work. Child Sole Luca was christened in Rome (in 2012) in the same church Giada was christened in, and by the same priest who christened her. Also in 2012 took new baby to visit family in UK, Italy and Puerto Rico.

Can still check for more on FB / Instagram / personal website.

How Added - Stumbled upon his photos.

Looks Like - Adrien Brody, Charles Armand Tuffin de la Rouërie

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