Pope Alexander II, by Artaud de Montor
Pope Alexander II, also infrequently referred to as Pope Anselmo I or Pope Anselm, was Pope and Holy Roman Emperor from 1061 until his death in 1073.

Full Name Anselmo de Baggio "Alexander II"
Who Holy Roman Emperor
Birth Date approximately 1010
Death Date April 2, 1073
Country Italy
Born Milan, Italy
Died Rome, Italy
Cause of Death unknown (probable old age)


In 1066, William the Conqueror - then known simply as the Duke of Normandy - sent an emissary to ask Alexander for his blessing to conquer England. Alexander granted his papal support, and the invasion began immediately.

Alexander was a friend and ally of Pope Gregory VII. The two men worked together to encourage clerical celibacy and to end the practice of selling church honors and positions.

Alexander was the uncle of Anselm of Lucca. 

How Added - Through his subject William the Conqueror.

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