Albert Ketèlbey
Albert Ketelbey was an English composer, conductor, and pianist, renowned for his pieces of brief orchestral music. He also was highly successful writing music for silent and talking films in the 1920's. He was the first British millionaire composer.

Full Name Albert William Ketelbey
Who composer
Birth Date August 9, 1875
Death Date November 26, 1959
Country England
Born Aston, Birmingham, England, UK
Died East Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK
Cause of Death heart / renal failure
Education Trinity College of Music
Father George Henry Ketelbey
Mother Sarah Ann Aston Ketelbey

Charlotte "Lottie" Siegenberg Ketelbey

Mabel Maud Pritchett Ketelbey


Doris Mabel Ketelbey

Edith Lavinia Ketelbey Rollason

Harold Ketelbey

one other

Children none


In order to win a scholarship studying music at the prestigious Trinity College of Music, Ketelbey competed against other prospective students, submitting his music and compositions. He placed first, and recieved the scholarship - in second place was Gustav Holst.

At music university, Ketelbey's composition professor was Frederick Corder.

In 1912, the composer and cellist Auguste van Biene offered a prize to the entrant to submit the best piece to compliment one of his recent compositions, a quite popular piece. Ketelbey won the competition, and the song he produced became his first major success. 

Andre Charlot hired Ketelbey as the Musical Director of the Vaudeville Theater in 1916. This first directorship job later led to many other, more prestigious, tenures at other theaters.

Ketelbey and Frederic Austin had a feud in 1923 - Austin composed a piece called Polly, and released it in partnership with Columbia, the gramophone company. Columbia then requested that Ketelbey produce his own version of Polly, which he did. Austin was highly offended and sued Ketelbey for copyright infringement, which he ended up winning.

Ketelbey was an acquaintance of Frederick Bridge. 

Ketelbey composed the song A Birthday Greeting for Elizabeth II, who was at the time a six year old princess, in 1932.

Ketelbey supporter upcoming composers and musicians such as Ivor Novello, James W. Tate, and Kenneth J. Alfrod.

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