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Albert Gallatin was a Swiss-born American politician, amongst many other specialties. He was the longest serving United States Secretary of the Treasury, a French professor at Harvard University, an ethnologist, linguist, politician, diplomat, congressman, and founder of New York University.

Full Name Abraham Alfonse Albert Gallatin
Who politician
Birth Date January 29, 1761
Death Date August 12, 1849
Country United States
Born Geneva, Switzerland
Died Astoria, New York, New York, USA
Cause of Death old age
Education University of Geneva
Father Jean Gallatin
Mother Sophie Albertine Rollaz Galatin

Sophie Allgre Gallatin

Hannah Nicholson Gallatin

Children James Gallatin


When Gallatin secretly left Geneva in 1780, Benjamin Franklin wrote him a letter of recommendation for seeking work in America.

Upon his arrival in America, Samuel Cooper helped Gallatin procure employment, as a French professor at Harvard.

Throughout his political career, Gallatin frequently clashed with Alexander Hamilton, and the two were often reported in the press for having political disagreements.

Gallatin replaced James Madison as House Majority Leader in 1797, after Madison retired.

Despite attacks by rivals referring to him as a "foreigner with a French accent," Gallatin became Secretary of the Treasury in 1801, and remained in office until 1813, making him the longest holder of this post to this day. He served under presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Gallatin helped plan the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and mapped out the area to be explored. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark named a river after him.

Gallatin, who was fascinated by the Native Americans, was a close friend of Cherokee leader John Ridge, who also taught him the language and culture of his people. Gallatin went on to publish two books on Native American ethnology and culture.

In 1842, Gallatin and John Russell Bartlett teamed up to found the American Ethnological Society (AES), of which Gallatin was president.


Geneva, Switzerland - Born here, 1761, grew up here, attended school and university here.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Came here in 1780.

Machias, Maine, USA - Lived here from 1780 - 1781.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - Lived here as a French professor, 1782 - 1784.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - Owned a farmhouse here, lived here 1784 - 1821.

Haydentown, Pennsylvania, USA - Visited here, 1799.

New York, New York, USA - Lived here from 1831 until death in 1849.

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