Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist, who developed the theory of relativity. He is considered one of the founding fathers of modern physics and quantum mechanics. He was massively influential on other fields as well, including science, philosophy, and quantum theory.

He recieved the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, and immigrated to the United States in 1933, fearing that he, being Jewish, would be persecuted back home in Germany. He was the one who made President Franklin D. Roosevelt aware of the possibility of an atomic bomb, though he later begged Roosevelt to reconsider using it as a weapon. 

During his lifetime, Einstein published over 450 papers, though he wrote over 30,000 that were later compiled and made available to the public. The name Einstein is now synonymous with the term "genius," and his face is the most recognized face in the world.

Full Name Albert Einstein
Who physicist
Birth Date March 14, 1979
Death Date April 18, 1955
Country Germany / United States
Born Ulm, Germany
Died Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Cause of Death internal bleeding - ruptured abdominal aneurysm

University of Zurich

ETH Zurich

Father Hermann Einstein
Mother Pauline Koch Einstein

Mileva Maric

Elsa Lowenthal

Siblings Maja Einstein

Hans Albert Einstein

Eduard Einstein

How Added - He is #19 on the "100 Most Significant Figures in History" list by Time magazine.

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