Ajaccio is a French commune, prefecture of the department of Corse-du-Sud, and head office of the Collectivité territoriale de Corse. It is the largest city of the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

It was founded in the 2nd Century AD.

People Born in Ajaccio

Napoleon Bonaparte

Ajaccio in People's Lives

Gustave Flaubert: After moving to Paris in 1840 to study law, as my parent's wished, I had come to feel stifled and unhappy. Breaking free of the life that they had set out for me, I gave up my law studies before even a year had passed, and traveled a bit. I came here to visit, and the freedom of travel cemented the decision in my mind that I would leave my life as an aspiring lawyer and pursue my true passion of writing.

Napoleon Bonaparte: I was born here in 1769, in my family's luxurious ancestral home, the Casa Buonaparte. I was born with the name Napoleone di Buonaparte, into minor Italian nobility of Tuscan origin. My first language was Italian. My family had been situated in Corsica since the 16th Century. It so happened that I was born a year after the island of Corsica was made part of France, instead of Italy. My family remained proudly Italian, but I would spend much of the next few decades of my life trying to convince the world and myself of how French I was. I was born the 4th child in my family. My father was an attorney, though he had little prescence in my life. I was most influenced in childhood by my mother Letizia, who was firm and orderly, and Joseph Fesch, who was my beloved father figure. I also grew up in the constant company of my many brothers and sisters. In 1779, my family used their position and noble name to secure me a place in a prestigious school in Autun, and so I left this city to go to the French mainland at the age of 10.

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