Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German politician and Fuhrer of Germany from 1934 - 1945. He was the leader of the Nazi Party and later the dictator of Nazi Germany. Known as one of the most infamous and evil figures in history, he is known for being a central figure of World War II, and for commandeering the Holocaust, which engineered the death of over 6 million Jewish citizens of Europe.

Full Name Adolf Hitler
Who Fuhrer of Germany
Birth Date April 20, 1889
Death Date April 30, 1945
Country Germany
Born Braunau am Inn, Austria
Died Berlin, Germany
Cause of Death suicide - shot in head
Education n/a
Father Alois Hitler
Mother Klara Polzl Hitler
Spouse Eva Braun

three older siblings, died as infants

Edmund Hitler

Paula Hitler

Children n/a


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How Added - He is #7 on the "100 Most Significant Figures in History" by Time magazine.

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