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Adelaide is the fifth-largest city in Australia, and the capital city of the state of South Australia. It is located on the Gulf of St. Vincent. 

The city was established as a British settlement in 1836, named in honor of Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen.

Today, Adelaide is noted for its quality of life, as one of the "liveable" cities in Australia and the world, its many events and festivals, beautiful waterfront areas and beaches, expansive parks, open and airy city layout, progressive thinking, its cuisine and wine, and number of trees within the downtown area.

People Born in Adelaide

Adelaide Kane

Adelaide in People's Lives

Adelaide Kane: I was born here in 1990, to multi-cultural parents. My father was an expatriate from Glasgow living in Australia, and my mother was European of Scottish, French, and Irish ancestry. I was, in case you hadn't caught on, named after this city. However, my family moved away to Perth when I was quite young, and that is the city that I consider "home."

Rudyard KiplingI stayed in this city for a day or so in 1891, traveling at the time in hopes of sorting out the fact that I was engaged to my best friend's sister, but still captivated by my first love. I had just left Melbourne - the city in Australia where I spent the most time - and was traveling by train to stop in here before leaving for New Zealand. I later wrote about my train journey in one of the stories in Just So Stories

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